Best Revenge Movies

It isn’t at all strange that there exists a subgenre of movies that deal with the subject of revenge. There is quite a number of revenge movies and they all follow the same theme. Some bad guys have done wrong to a righteous guy, and now he wants to revenge the hell out of that wrong, whatever it might have been. Usually, the good guy (turned bad) revenges his (or her) best buddy or a family member. The plot is a straightforward course of collision with the antagonists, but let’s not judge the fact that the plots of these movies develop along the same lines, more or less. Revenge movies are intended to deliver action, punches and few killings without the flinch of an eye. Without further ado, here are three movies that define the genre and have become a cult classic.

Man on Fire

Released in 2004, it had a solid run in the movie theatres, grossing $130.30 million. Even though it received mixed reviews and ratings from movie critics, it became a home-video favourite and sold a large number of copies on DVD and Blu Ray.

This revenge movie was directed by Tony Scott. It features Denzel Washington and the kidnapped daughter (Dakota Fanning) of a money mogul played by Marc Anthony, who paid Creasy (Washington) to deliver her safely from the kidnappers. Creasy has multiple run-ins with members of the Mexican cartel, as well as with corrupt civil servants. Spoiler alert – Creasy, who is an alcoholic and bereft by personal woes, trades himself in for Lupita but wreaks havoc on the bad guys, including an attack with a bazooka.


This low-budget film scored big both at the Academy Awards and in the box office. Having spent just $9 million, the production company earned a total of $39.70 million and received numerous accolades throughout the world at numerous film festivals. Memento has been deemed “significant” by the US Library of Congress and was preserved in the National Film Registry.

The movie features Leonard, who is only able to remember his name thanks to napkin notes and post-its that he keeps in his pocket, along with Polaroid photos and tattoos on his body. Leonard has sustained head trauma and is unable to store his memory. The only way to remember what had happened is for Leonard to consult with his notes and try to piece together a series of events that are as mysterious as is the reason for his deplorable condition. Enter Natalie, who becomes involved with Leonard for reasons that are seemingly benign, possibly out of pity and unbloomed maternal instincts, but proceed to reveal ulterior motives. There is also Teddy, who is in on a deal gone bad that has resulted in a murder. This convoluted plot plays out and feels as if Leonard is out on a revenge to get the guy who’s gotten him this way.

Rocket Men

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