British Remakes of American Series

Last week we went through some American remakes of UK series, including successful and unsuccessful stories, but, there are quite a few instances of the opposite – that is, US TV series that were remade and adapted for the UK market. Some of these were actual remakes, where pretty much most of the story matched, with the exception of the place names and some cultural references, whereas other are UK series that have simply been inspired by US shows.

Married for Life

Married with Children is considered to be a pretty iconic TV show, with viewers all over the world. Al Bundy and his wife Peggy became common place in modern pop culture. By the time the show ended in 1997 it was already broadcast on a number of networks outside the US. Remakes were released for several markets, and one of the first countries where a remake was released was the UK.

The UK version of Married with Children was titled Married for Life and the first episode went live in 1996, only a year before the original show ended. However, it appeared that the UK audience was already familiar with the original and they couldn’t accept the UK adaptation as easily, so Married for Life was cancelled only after seven episodes.

The Upper Hand

Unlike our previous example, The Upper Hand were quite a successful series, based on Who’s the Boss? In the UK version we witness the story of a widow (Caroline) who is bringing up her son in the countryside. Her mother than hires Charlie, a former footballer who has suffered an injury as a housekeeper, and throughout the series we see how Charlie and Caroline fall in love with each other.

One of the main things that differed the UK version from the American original was the fact that Caroline and Charlie ended up getting married, but that was probably the biggest mistake as the viewership’s interested dropped after this and the show was cancelled soon afterwards.

Days Like These

Days Like These is frequently called the worst UK sitcom. That is a bit strange considering that it is a quite literal adaptation of That 1970s Show, one of the top American sitcoms of all times. Many of the characters in Days Like These even had the same names as their American counterparts.

The main character was also Eric Foreman, but his father’s name was Ron. The foreign exchange student was called Torbjorn Rasmussen. The first six episodes were aired, and the show was cancelled afterwards.


As you can see, audiences can respond differently to different shows, and sometimes the remakes can be a true hit, whereas other times the original series have much greater success. It is still quite obvious that the cultural differences between the US and the UK sometimes make it impossible for certain references to be translated or adapted.

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