Cute Animal Movies

There are actions movies and horror movies and romantic romances and there are cute animal movies. There is an abundance of movies centered on a single animal or a bunch of different ones, so we want to select few that are really captivating thanks to their story-line and the main more-or-less cuddly protagonist.

Marley & Me

Features Marley the yellow Labrador retriever who is picked from a litter of his equally adorable brothers and sisters. Marley is adopted by John and Jenny, a lovely couple played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, who move to Florida and get jobs at two competing newspapers. While Jenny’s job starts off on a good footing, John’s really doesn’t and much to his chagrin, he writes the obits and mundane news. However, when John gets the new assignment of writing about whatever gets his attention, he decides to start with Marley whose mishaps get the most adorable out of him. The movie revolves around John and Marley from there on and we get to see the canine swimming in his owners’ pool, humping a dog trainer, but also doing everything he can to relieve John and Jenny from the daily grind. In the end, Marley dies of old age and until the end he remains as adorable as when he was first introduced as a puppy.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi is based on a true story about a dog of the Japanese Akita Inu race. The story about Hachi starts when an American professor finds a lost puppy that has been sent to the US from Japan, towards an intended owner who could not be found. This is part of a story that is told in front of the classroom by the professor’s nephew, who had delighted in the bond that was formed by his grandfather and Hachi. The adorable Akita Inu walks with professor Parker to the train station where he was found day in and day out and waits for him in the same spot until he returns. One day the professor does not return to the train station but Hachi does not want to imagine the faith of his best friend. And even though the dog is given a new home, he escapes and returns to the station. This adorable story is about the faithfulness that dogs develop towards their owners, which in some cases is as unrelenting as in Hachi’s.


This movie is based on an American bestseller about an underdog racehorse during the Great Depression, which comes from behind and becomes a legend. Even though a thoroughbred colt, his smaller than usual size put him at a disadvantage, but Seabiscuit was also purposely mishandled by his previous trainers so that he loses races and leans the odds towards select few. When Seabiscuit’s owners can not find a jockey who would deal with his temper, the owner of the stable sees one in a hot-tempered boxer named Red. The jockey wins Seabiscuit’s trust and the horse rebounds and starts to build his winner’s spirit. However, before a major race, Red is injured and Seabiscuit is given a new jockey who learns a secret how to hand him and win the race. Seabiscuit was nominated for seven Academy awards and although it didn’t win any, it became a favorite among movie lovers because of the unique story about an underdog coming from behind.

Movies with adorable animals and stories centered on their fortunes are somewhat like slots machines with animal themes. There are many slots about cats, dogs, penguins and horses that are available on that can be played and won for their impressive prizes.