Epic Wild West Comedy Movies

The Wild West has been a source of inspiration for countless movies, as well as parodies of the Western movie genre. Naturally, these type of westerns are few far in between, but they exist and some of them are really good. We shall take a look at some of Epic Wild West Comedy Movies that have left an impression on moviegoers, and in the case of one particular movie, home-tv watchers. So let’s spur our high horses and head to the prairie to check out some western-themed comedy. We’ll let you be the judge whether any of the movies are epic wins or epic fails.

The Ridiculous 6

The film written by Adam Sandler features a slew a known actors and a bunch of other famous people who have their cameos. The film was made for the exclusive release on Netflix. The plot plays on an entanglement of bad blood and revenge, and greed, which is driven by a large pot of gold that has been hidden by Tommy’s (Sandler) purported biological father, Frank. Every single character in the film is an actor who has has his fair share of celebrity (Nolte, Trejo, Vanilla Ice, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, etc.), so the villains and the “heroes” are all met by and connected with ridiculous personas in the film.

It is interesting mentioning that Ridiculous 6 was dropped by three big studios before being picked up by the online streaming service Netflix. Even movie critics have given the film thumbs down, at the time it was featured, it is said Ridiculous 6 has gained more views than any other Netflix title in the period of 30 days. Regardless the controversy, the movie is a timeless wild west comedy that deserves to be seen.  

The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West is a steampunk-esque western movie, owing the to the use of astoundingly out of place hydraulic machines. It features Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek in the lead roles. The setting is the American west in the years following the American Civil War, during which Captain West’s (Smith) family was murdered by a maniacal southern general McGrath. The movie is about revenging the murder and curbing the free-wheeling general, who has hydraulic warmaking contraptions of his own. A good part of the movie takes place on a train and has some gun fights, some falling in love, some mishaps and so on. Overall, The Wild Wild West delivers good entertainment, but it doesn’t take you on a thrilling ride, despite the train adventure. In fact, the trailer made an attempt to impose the movie as an action comedy, but it delivered few, week doses of the latter. Is this an epic wild west comedy movie, or is it an epic fail? Let’s not allow ourselves to be too harsh. The Wild Wild West can be your cup of movie night with friends.

Dear or Alive Slot

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