Famous Movie

– Not too much to say about this movie. For Texas Hold’em fans this is their filmatic-Bible. Rounders is inescapable, and a bit overrated, but all around enjoyable, especially for John Malkovich’s great performance (and accent). My friend works for a manufacturer that sells custom poker chip sets and he says he gets at least a dozen orders a month from people asking to recreate the bear-emblazened personalized poker chips from this movie.

The Cooler:
– I’m a bit biased since I’m a big William H. Macy fan. He does get somewhat typecast as the feckless loser too often (as he does in this film) but he does it so well. Alec Baldin is really good in this as well.

-This film is really worth seeing especially if you are a modern film noir fan. This is a really dark, really well done film that doesn’t gloss over the seedy side of the Casino business. It was one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t romanticise the profession, far from it, but it does show casino’s and gambling in a certain seedy, but appealing light. I recommend the movie, not just to casino lovers or card fans but to anyone looking for a great depiction of the industry and how it can both ruin and save one’s life.

California Split:
– It’s by Robert Altman. An American treasure. What more can I say? See this before Atlman’s ghost rolls up in a Benz, Mercedes benz rims and all, and slaps you into it cognizance.

– DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese. This movie is to gambling movies what Godfather is to mobster movies. If you’re looking for the ultimate Casino/ poker movie most would agree that this is it.