Hollywood’s Best Paid Actors in 2017

Hollywood is known for the glam lifestyle, blockbuster movies and the actors who make them, who by the way earn millions of dollars per year. The funny thing about Hollywood is that nothing is cast in stone. Deals are made and broken and the list of millionaire celebrities changes as fast as they go in and out of rehab. So let’s take a look who were Hollywood’s Best Paid Actors in 2017.

Don’t Mess with the Sandler


Adam Sandler is known for his comedies. Some of these are total flops and some are awkwardly good. Whatever the case, Sandler always succeeds cashing-in on his movies because somehow people still go to see them even when they are just plain bad, or mediocre, like Little Nicky and Jack and Jill. Sandler is best known for his classics such as Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, 50 First Dates and Don’t Mess with the Zohan, as well as a litany of new recent movies that he seems to put out almost every consecutive year. So it is small wonder that his face appearing in a film will cost the money people $54.5 million dollars.

Riddick Earns Ridiculously


Vin Diesel is the man behind a bunch of high octane Hollywood blockbusters, some of which have become money-making franchises, such as the Fast and Furious series. Vin Diesel is not just an action movie hero. He’s also starred in comedies (The Pacifier) and a comedy-drama about the trial of a mob boss (Find me Guilty). He also acted in Saving Private Ryan which had won Spielberg the Academy Award for Best Director and earned the movie close to half a billion dollars. The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick, the sequel, also significantly contributed to his net worth. In 2017 a Vin Diesel was only $54.5M from the movie’s budget.

The Guy who Rocks Hollywood


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Hollywood favorite. The always smiling guy and tough-guy badass is always found in excellent roles. He started his career as a wrestler and rose to popularity in the ring before becoming one of the best paid actors in the world. The Rock does voice overs for animated movies, comedies, as well as action movies. He is the co-star in the Fast and Furious franchise and has appeared in more than 15 high-grossing action movies. Some of the most popular of which are The Rundown, Walking Tall, San Andreas, G. I. Joe, Snitch, Skyscraper and more. Dwayne Johnson is respected in Hollywood, which is rare for that city where people gossip about one another and there are lots of personal animosities between celebrities. That doesn’t rub on The Rock. He plays his roles, makes his earnings and supports many charities and good causes. In all honesty, his $65 million dollars for a movie are well deserved and he deserves to go on being one of the best paid actors in Hollywood.

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