Really Good Two Season Series

The world knows quite few television series that have only lasted for few seasons, but have made a lasting impression on their audiences. We may never find out the reasons why these shows were given the ax or simply fizzled out due to story limitation or actors’ failure to build synergy. Whatever the case may be, these shows have not been extended and their fans have been left looking for answers and hoping that someday there will be more. Let’s mention few of those shows. If you aren’t familiar with them you might even find them appealing and look them up.


The show only lasted two seasons and won praise from the audience – at least from those who were watching it. The show was so decent that its lead actress Laura Dern won the 2012 Golden Globe Award for best actress in a television series. Despite that, in the financially cruel world of American television series low ratings are low ratings and any show will get cancelled. Enlightened is about a “woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” according to its tagline. Following a host of subsequent disappointments in life, Amy Jellicoe goes to a spiritual retreat and comes back refreshed and with a new perspective on life. While her old habits and self-destructive temper have not been thoroughly expunged, Jellicoe tries her best to help her ex husband get back on track in his own life.

Freaks and Geeks

This is one of the best television series that catered to the teen and adolescent audiences. Technically, it is a one-season show, and shouldn’t be on the list, but that makes it even more appealing because in that one season, Freaks and Geeks managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers. The plot is set in a Detroit suburb and follows a cast of characters, who owing to their style and preferences (in music, attire, mood, etc.), are classified as freaks or geeks. The show makes it apparent how thin the line between the various clicks is, as some of the characters cross show both freaks and geeks tendencies. Freaks and Geeks featured now famous actors such as James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel. It’s hard to tell whether the show propelled them to the spotlight and subsequent acting arrangement, but the show did make a splash. Unfortunately, it was cancelled only because it couldn’t get a better schedule that would avail it to its targeted audience.


The show is a remake of the 1973 film with the same title and pretty much a similar premise. The 2016 remake features a theme park that is inhabited by androids that are fitted with an impeccable cognitive reasoning that enables them to interact as real human beings between each other and with flesh-and-blood human beings. The latter are present in Westworld in pursuit of a life’s adventure, having paid lots of money to be able to interact with the androids in whatever way they want. The plot of Westworld is that the theme park has a story-line of its own, which is not fixed, and can take many different twists and turns, including saloon fights, online gambling at www.slotswise.com and much more. The Westworld remake had one season, to the audience’s critical acclaim, and will include another season in 2018, which makes it a two-season series. We believe that it will stop at the second season, because, what will there be once the robots have woken up, a robot takeover and an ensuing apocalypse?

British Remakes of American Series

Last week we went through some American remakes of UK series, including successful and unsuccessful stories, but, there are quite a few instances of the opposite – that is, US TV series that were remade and adapted for the UK market. Some of these were actual remakes, where pretty much most of the story matched, with the exception of the place names and some cultural references, whereas other are UK series that have simply been inspired by US shows.

Married for Life

Married with Children is considered to be a pretty iconic TV show, with viewers all over the world. Al Bundy and his wife Peggy became common place in modern pop culture. By the time the show ended in 1997 it was already broadcast on a number of networks outside the US. Remakes were released for several markets, and one of the first countries where a remake was released was the UK.

The UK version of Married with Children was titled Married for Life and the first episode went live in 1996, only a year before the original show ended. However, it appeared that the UK audience was already familiar with the original and they couldn’t accept the UK adaptation as easily, so Married for Life was cancelled only after seven episodes.

The Upper Hand

Unlike our previous example, The Upper Hand were quite a successful series, based on Who’s the Boss? In the UK version we witness the story of a widow (Caroline) who is bringing up her son in the countryside. Her mother than hires Charlie, a former footballer who has suffered an injury as a housekeeper, and throughout the series we see how Charlie and Caroline fall in love with each other.

One of the main things that differed the UK version from the American original was the fact that Caroline and Charlie ended up getting married, but that was probably the biggest mistake as the viewership’s interested dropped after this and the show was cancelled soon afterwards.

Days Like These

Days Like These is frequently called the worst UK sitcom. That is a bit strange considering that it is a quite literal adaptation of That 1970s Show, one of the top American sitcoms of all times. Many of the characters in Days Like These even had the same names as their American counterparts.

The main character was also Eric Foreman, but his father’s name was Ron. The foreign exchange student was called Torbjorn Rasmussen. The first six episodes were aired, and the show was cancelled afterwards.


As you can see, audiences can respond differently to different shows, and sometimes the remakes can be a true hit, whereas other times the original series have much greater success. It is still quite obvious that the cultural differences between the US and the UK sometimes make it impossible for certain references to be translated or adapted.

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American Remakes of British TV Series

TV series are have become a focal point of modern entertainment, and these days you will see some of the best actors playing in TV series, whereas only a decade ago that was unimaginable, and series were only seen as a stepping stone for actors who want to make a name for themselves.

Unlike films where there is only a short period for characters to develop and for the plot to reach its peak, in series, directors and screenwriters have room to experiment, build their story and develop their characters. The quote that US and UK are two countries separated by common language is usually attributed to George Bernard Shaw. You may or may not agree with that, but one thing is certain, the viewers in the US and the UK have different tastes and different expectations.

Here we have a look at a number of UK series that were remade in the states. Some were as successful as the originals, whereas others were utter failure. Either way, these shows are a vivid reminder and testament of how people, on each side of the Atlantic, have different tastes in cinema, even if they speak the same language.

The Office

Office is one of the successful stories, and even though the US and the UK version of this amazing show differ significantly, we have to say that both are actually quite good, and their popularity ratings can prove it.

Many would argue that the American version was more successful and more popular, since it went on for nine seasons, compared to the UK series which was only aired for two years. The UK version was written and directed by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais and Gervais also played the lead role, whereas the US version was developed by Greg Daniels. Both series are quite fun and watchable, so we’d definitely recommend you to watch them, if you haven’t already.


These TV series were absolutely butchered by the Americans. It is hard to even draw a comparison between the realistic, vibrant, lively UK version of Skins and the American watered down, outright censored version of the show. Many in the UK called it an abomination and they were quite right.

The UK version of Skins pained a much more realistic picture of teenage life, whereas the makers of the American show wanted to make it a bit more glamourous but ended up failing miserably.


Another iconic UK series which didn’t make it west. Some say it was due to bad casting, others claim that America already had Friends at the time when the US version of Coupling was about to be launched. Either way, it was no good and it got cancelled after just few shows.

House of Cards

This example is opposed of the previous two. The American version of House of Cards proved to be a right hit with the audience, so much so, that when somebody mentions House of Cards it is more likely that they are referring to the US remake, rather than the UK original.


Although the American version wasn’t as terrible as some of the other examples featured above, the American version of Shameless clearly lacked the charm and the genuineness of the UK original. In these series you can notice how different the UK urban life is from its American counterpart. For example, you’ll see that the British pub where the main character spends most of his time features slot machines, which are banned in American. Speaking of slot machines, check out www.slotswise.com.

Epic Wild West Comedy Movies

The Wild West has been a source of inspiration for countless movies, as well as parodies of the Western movie genre. Naturally, these type of westerns are few far in between, but they exist and some of them are really good. We shall take a look at some of Epic Wild West Comedy Movies that have left an impression on moviegoers, and in the case of one particular movie, home-tv watchers. So let’s spur our high horses and head to the prairie to check out some western-themed comedy. We’ll let you be the judge whether any of the movies are epic wins or epic fails.

The Ridiculous 6

The film written by Adam Sandler features a slew a known actors and a bunch of other famous people who have their cameos. The film was made for the exclusive release on Netflix. The plot plays on an entanglement of bad blood and revenge, and greed, which is driven by a large pot of gold that has been hidden by Tommy’s (Sandler) purported biological father, Frank. Every single character in the film is an actor who has has his fair share of celebrity (Nolte, Trejo, Vanilla Ice, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, etc.), so the villains and the “heroes” are all met by and connected with ridiculous personas in the film.

It is interesting mentioning that Ridiculous 6 was dropped by three big studios before being picked up by the online streaming service Netflix. Even movie critics have given the film thumbs down, at the time it was featured, it is said Ridiculous 6 has gained more views than any other Netflix title in the period of 30 days. Regardless the controversy, the movie is a timeless wild west comedy that deserves to be seen.  

The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West is a steampunk-esque western movie, owing the to the use of astoundingly out of place hydraulic machines. It features Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek in the lead roles. The setting is the American west in the years following the American Civil War, during which Captain West’s (Smith) family was murdered by a maniacal southern general McGrath. The movie is about revenging the murder and curbing the free-wheeling general, who has hydraulic warmaking contraptions of his own. A good part of the movie takes place on a train and has some gun fights, some falling in love, some mishaps and so on. Overall, The Wild Wild West delivers good entertainment, but it doesn’t take you on a thrilling ride, despite the train adventure. In fact, the trailer made an attempt to impose the movie as an action comedy, but it delivered few, week doses of the latter. Is this an epic wild west comedy movie, or is it an epic fail? Let’s not allow ourselves to be too harsh. The Wild Wild West can be your cup of movie night with friends.

Dear or Alive Slot

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When Al Pacino Loses Himself in the Role

The best movies out there are those where the cast behaves as if it they are not in a movie, but a real thing. There are some movies that feel natural – like the plot is taking place right in front of your eyes – and when you start watching a movie like that, you just know it. This is thanks to the gel that bundles the different tissues that are formed by the actors, the script and the production crew. When these elements form a synergy the actors basically play one of their nuanced alter egos, making it seem as if the role had been scripted for the events taking place on the screen right then and there. So let’s take a look at Al Pacino, one of the best actors of all times, lose himself in the role that made couple of his movies one of the most famous that have ever come out of Hollywood.

Al Pacino in Scarface

Al Pacino is known for many of his roles, both on screen and on stage, however, one of the most memorable is his portrayal of Tony Montana in Scarface. Yes, Scarface. We know it is tacky to cite this as a good movie (it isn’t bad, it is just overly popular with the adolescent audience), but Pacino played the hell out of Toni Montana. Whenever Montana lost it, Al Pacino erupted with his own pent-up impressions of whatever thing makes him lose it. Screaming, shouting, shaking violently and shooting from pistols and automatic weapons while under the influence of the narcotics he is selling to powerful people. Tony Montana has anger, angst and passion which detonate under the pressure of the moments of danger and betrayal. Al Pacino really loses himself in this role, making Tony Montana a movie character who inspires young people to be and act tough, and perhaps more than that. But Tony Montana doesn’t go gambling on www.secretslots.com possibly because there wasn’t any online slots back then. So it is no small wonder that Tony Montana has been named the 27th Greatest Movie Character by Empire Magazine in 2008.

Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman

In Scent of a Woman Pacino plays Frank Slade, a blind army lieutenant who happens to enjoy responding impulsively to the sudden whims of resolve which occur as reactions to his own entanglements and relations with other people. Becoming immersed in the moral deliberations of certain events, Pacino, that is, Frank, goes off on a tangent a number of times and makes everybody around himself feel uncomfortable with the situation. This happens on numerous occasions, but the most memorable scene is when Frank unleashes an ardent speech in trying to defend Charlie in front of the faculty disciplinary committee. Frank raises eyebrows with Pacino being fully immersed in the role. Pacino won the Best Actor Academy Award and the film was nominated for a number awards. One line from his speech that strikes a sensitive cord, from among all other comparisons and character-building machinations of Frank, is the line “there is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit – the is no prosthetic for that.”