Slot Games Based on Films

It may seem that there aren’t a lot of similarities between online slots and films (or movies as they’re known on the western side of the Atlantic), but you’ll be surprised to see how similar slots and films can actually be. Let us start with dynamism. Both slots and blockbuster movies are dynamic, and in most cases that’s what viewers and players are looking for. Nobody wants to watch a slow and dull film, and similarly, nobody wants to play a slow slot game that lacks dynamicity.

Moreover, slots and movies both rely and depend on graphics and sound effects, in both cases it is the visual and the sound effects that catch your attention and keep you tied to your seat. In the past several years it became possible to watch films and play slots on a mobile device, so you won’t have to be sitting which means that there’s no limit as to where and when you can play slots, or watch films.

Slot and Film Themes

So far, we discussed the external elements, so to say, as both the dynamicity and the effects aren’t part of the plot per se. However, slots and movies may follow the same plot, and may be based on the same theme. That’s actually quite common. There have been numerous slots which are based on successful and popular film titles and in many cases, film producers have given slot developers the green light to create slot games based on their movies.

There are few exceptions, of course, but in most cases, slots that are based on successful and popular films become successful and popular themselves. Often, slots are based on films that are based on comic books and it seems that both films fans and slots fans are also fans of comics.

Slot Games Based on Films

Here are some of the leading slot games based on films.

Planet of the Apes

The Planet of the Apes slot by NetEnt is one very innovative game based not on one, but on two films of the Planet of the Apes franchise. In this game you will notice that one half of the screen features symbols from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, whereas the second half of the reels shows symbols and characters from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Each half features five reels and three rows, so id we take both halves together, there are ten reels. The game has 20 paylines and can be played with a minimum of 20p.

King Kong

King Kong is one of the most iconic cinematographic stories, and the 1933 movie was remade in 2005 and we must admit that the remake was equally popular. In fact, it was so popular that a video slot was based on it. This Playtech slot features Wild Jungle Respins, Skull Island bonus and plenty of other exciting bonus modes.

Jurassic Park

Microgaming’s Jurassic Park is another slot game based on an iconic film with amazing visual effects and graphics. This game offers 243 ways to win and an RTP of 96.67%. So, if you like to explore various slots, both ones based on popular films, as well as games that feature a different theme, have a look at, you will find a lot of slot games there.