Top 5 Movie Slots

In recent years, there is a tendency to accompany almost every successful movie with its own game. That is why we have decided to compile a Top 5 Movie Slots to make it easier for you to find this excellent slot game releases. Our selection of five movie slots is as follows:

  1. Gladiator

When it first came out, this online video slot was hailed as ground-breaking in the way it incorporated the plot of the film into the slot’s gameplay. It features numerous high-quality video clips from the Oscar-winning film by Ridley Scott that take players directly to the centre of the Colosseum. Here, you can experience the life of the gladiators, just like Russell Crowe’s character Maximus Decimus Meridius, and win some of the games excellent payouts.

The most outstanding bonus feature in the game is the Colosseum bonus round which makes use of an interactive style found in a number of popular games. In this round, you can unlock different items, including free spins, multipliers, and additional wild and scatter symbols. If you want to see this in action, you can find the game at

  1. Iron Man

The release of every Marvel movie or TV series is an event for the fans of the company because they regularly set records. It all started with the Iron Man film, starring Robert Downey Jr., which introduced us to the world of Tony Stark. Each sequel to the film has got its own slot game following the story of the respective film.

In Iron Man 2 slot, you can find such characters on the reels as War Machine, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, and Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash. Iron Man 3 slot, on the other hand, uses the armours of Iron Man, War Machine, and Iron Patriot, among others.

  1. The Avengers

As with the previous two slots, The Avengers also uses characters and motifs from the popular Marvel film. Just as the film was full of Marvel superheroes, the slot comes packed with multiple progressive jackpots, including the one which is found in almost all Marvel online slots.

The game comes with three progressive jackpots that can easily amount to tens of thousands. Its bonus features can also get you some nice amounts in base gameplay, so you don’t need Lady Luck on your side to walk away with some prize.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

Although some people will dispute Heath Ledger’s Joker as the best rendition of the role, there is no doubt that this film is one of the best and most loved. Following the success of the film, the online slot came about utilizing the film as a source material.

Probably the most impressive element of the game is its background, which usually shifts throughout Gotham City with each spin of the reel set.

  1. Fantastic Four 50 Lines

The last selection on our list is another slot game adaptation of a popular film franchise. Being an official slot game of the film and book franchise, it is designed to reproduce the universe of the film faithfully. The most prominent elements of the game are the reel symbols that represent various characters and elements from the movie.