Top Series In 2018

In the previous weeks we’ve discussed some great and not so great series from the past. But, it is fair to say that the past few years have been the best for series and there is a proliferation of new and exciting titles. Many of the series last only a season and some don’t survive even the first few episodes due to bad ratings. But that’s only because there are so many series and the days still last only 24 hours, there’s only so much you could watch.

Now we’ll have a look at some of the hottest series that are airing in the current year (2018). Some of them are still in their first season and we’re yet to see how long they’ll last, whereas other series have been or air for a year or two already.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

It is pretty obvious what this story is based on, it is right there in the title. Throughout the series we follow the lives of Gianni and his sister Donatella, played by Penelope Cruz, but also his lover and murderer, a psychopath with serious mental problems. The series bears a lot of resemblance to American Psycho, so if you’re a fan you’ll definitely love The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Patrick Melrose

To be precise, Patrick Melrose is more of a mini-series, but it is definitely a great success, featuring amazing Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of a middle-class English heroin addict. His performance throughout all five episodes is astonishing and here he proves once again why he’s one of the top actors of today.

Dear White People

This Netflix show is running for a second season. Racial tensions are the central theme of the series, but this is not your standard ghetto story. Dear White People is set in an Ivy League school where black students struggle to improve their position in their environment and society. Through various interesting and explosive situations, the story develops further as we see our favourite characters from the first session getting more mature and more experienced.


Titans is not yet released, but it will be out this year. Based on DC Comics, these series will definitely be enjoyed by all who liked the animated Teen Titans.

Jessica Jones

This one is for Marvel fans. Jessica Jones, the superheroine crime fighter played by the Krysten Ritter. The first season was very successful, but the second is expected to be even more enticing. The star of the show announced that the story will get a lot more personal in the second season.


This show was also continued for a second season after a long break. The action takes place in Atlanta and the main characters are two cousins who are trying to become successful rappers. The first season won many awards and after a two and a half year break the series returns.

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